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Carnival in Rethymnon - 2008

  Carnival in Rethymnon is the biggest on Crete, and one of the biggest in the whole of Greece. The festivities culminate with a grand parade through the town centre. This year around 9000 people from 33 carnival teams participated. Each team has its own theme, people spend months working on costume design and on constructing elaborate floats.

Aside from the grand parade, a couple of highlights include:

Tsiknopempti—”Burnt Meat Thursday” Traditionally the day to feast on grilled meat (this being one of the prohibited foods during the Lenten fast—thus the name). This is the big night for The Old Town, with street parties, music and fancy-dress.
The Rethymnon Treasure Hunt for adults. Here, local groups try to solve cryptic clues relating to different locations in town. In modern day Rethymnon this involves groups of people frantically whizzing round on mopeds using their mobiles to “phone a friend”.
The Evening Parade. The evening before the main parade, you will find music, dancing and street theatre all along Kontourioti.


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