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The Neratze Mosque and Minaret


The Minaret of the Neratze mosque is undergoing restoration workThe Neratze mosque on the corner of Ethniki Antistaseos and Vernaridou was known as the Church of Santa Maria during Venetian times.  It used to be part of an Augustinian friary.  From the original building only the East and the North side survived.  The elaborate entrance on the North side gives one an impression of the building's original splendour.

During Turkish occupation the roof was replaced by three small domes.  In 1890 a minaret was added, based on the design of local engineer Giorgos Daskalakis.  The minaret is currently undergoing restoration work.

The mosque is now mainly used for lectures, concerts and theatre performances.

Please click here for a mapView of the entrance on the North side of the mosque