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Monastery of Bali


Monastery of Bali, RethymnonMonastery of Bali, RethymnonThis monastery is situated on a hill above Bali (approximately 37km east of Rethymnon).  It is sometimes referred to as the monastery of Atalis, which was the name given to the village of Bali by the Venetians.  An inscription on the main gate dates the monastery back to 1635; however this does not preclude the existence of an earlier monastery on this site.  The monastery retains several distinct examples of Renaissance architecture. 

Partly due to its geographical position overlooking the Bay of Bali, the monastery played an important role during the Cretan uprising of 1821. Local monks were active in the struggle against the Turkish occupiers, and the monastery suffered considerable damage as a result of bombardment by the Turkish navy.  For many years the monastery lay deserted.  In 1983, after careful restoration work had been carried out the monastery became functional once more.

Opening hours: every day, except Friday, from 09.00-12.00hrs and 18.00-20.00hrs.

Monastery of Bali, Rethymnon