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Carnival In RethymnonIn the winter time Rethymnon plays host to the grandest carnival celebrations in Crete.  During the three week period leading up to the start of Lent several events are organised.  These include treasure hunts for children and adults and fancy dress parties hosted by the different carnival teams.  The festivities culminate with a grand parade through the main streets of Rethymnon on Shrove Sunday.  This year, more than 8000 people participated in the parade and the whole of Rethymnon became one giant street party.

Shrove Monday (Clean Monday) is traditionally a day for kite-flying, and this custom is practised throughout the region, resulting in many colourful aerial displays.  In addition to kite-flying, many villages organise their own unique festivities on this day.  These festivities are accompanied by plenty of wine, music and dancing.  Everyone, be they visitor or local is invited to participate in the celebrations.

Details of the activities for the next carnival will be listed in the events section as soon as they are available.  If you want to get an idea of what goes on during the carnival period it might be an idea to visit our photo gallery section where you'll find hundreds of photos from past editions.