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The Archaeological Site of Monasteraki, Rethymnon


Archaeological site of Monasteraki, RethymnonMonasteraki is a village in the Amari valley along the scenic road that connects Rehymnon with the Messara plain in the South of Crete.  Excavations at the site have unearthed the remains of a complex of buildings dating back to 2000 BC (Middle-Minoan Period). The complex of buildings includes several storerooms, workshops and archive rooms.  Several important artefacts have been recovered from the site; these include storage jars, Kamares ware vessels and earthenware stamps.  It is generally believed that this site was a Minoan palace.
The site was destroyed during a major earthquake or fire in appromimately 1700BC.  This corresponds to the fate suffered by the First Palaces of Knossos, Festos, Malia and Zakros.  The area remained abandoned up until the Hellenistic period when part of the hill was re-settled.