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  The Crete Kennels complex is built to Peter and Kimberly's high specifications, using one of Crete's finest architects and including some of the best practical ideas from England, Germany and America.

They have only 10 kennels, so that the dogs in their care can receive individual attention -  as they would at home with you.

The site of over 7000 sqm is completely fenced for full use of the dogs and includes the woodland and wet weather areas, chosen and landscaped for us to sit and talk to your dog, even in the heat of the day.
  The kennels are north facing, away from the glare of the sun with an overhanging roof for further shade or against the rain.
The 1000 sqm to the north is a surfaced wet weather exercise and play area
  Each kennel measures 2.5 m square and is protected from draughts - each dog has its own blanket, bottled water supply and lighting. Each run is 4m x 2.5m with a drainage channel to allow for regular cleaning.  
  As part of the exercise time and for general time together, the area of woodland has been developed to suit the dogs, so we can sit and chat to them under the shade of the established oaks.  
Crete Kennels
Armeni, Rethymnon
74100 Crete
Tel: 28310 41140 / 6949 688722 / 6949 784183